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Posted by PhillC on December 01, 1998 at 22:57:56:

Water slowly slithered down the pale gray brick wall. The sheet of moisture cascaded gently earthward, obeying the gravitational rules. Wafer thin, slippery looking. A tiny stream ran gently away from the last brick, across the concrete, off the edge and into the dirt. He could hear the steady patter of water colliding with hard packed soil. Rain fell in a light mist. The roaring summer storm had passed leaving behind a shadowy reminder of its power. Even here, the freshness of moisture-laden atmosphere is perceivable. Though just a sorry imitation of how it should be, in the country, away from the urban sprawl and carbon clogged city streets.
He squinted at the garden where a strange creeping vine ruled, glistening in dew-like glory after the downpour. Cigarette smoke drifted casually skyward. He coughed. Evil things. The butt was dropped into the now waterlogged ashtray, sharply sizzling in its death throes. An international flight roared overhead, shattering any semblance of calm, on its way to touch down. Now the sweet smell changed to one of burnt AvGas. Who'd live here ?
Memories attacked his quiet musings. Two years in the city and what was achieved? A few skills, some useful knowledge, precious few friends and a burning desire to be somewhere else. Not all the time, just when he has the chance to slow down and reflect on life. Mostly everything moved in fast forward, casually discarding those living at normal speed. Quiet moments were seldom and when they did come it was often too difficult to reconcile what once was with the now. It was often easier to take a break from the "real world" and drift away into oblivion.
Flicking his lighter, he put his mouth over the top of the bottle and inhaled deeply. Acrid smoke rushed into his lungs, breath held, exhaled slowly. Wait. The world swam and titled, distance strangely distorted. That brain numbing euphoria returned quickly. Now nothing mattered, the ugly city moved at a pace that was infinitely more acceptable. Everything was at rest. Eyes slowly shutting he allowed inner space to take over, stirring hundreds of strange scenarios into existence. Lucidity is lost.
Reality is forgotten.

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