What have been Thinking

Posted by Choi on September 05, 2005 at 04:09:29:

What have I been thinking? Even if I was thinking of something so great enough to change the world, If I can't recall it or saved on a sheet, what good is it?

How do you know you are really you if some ill-authority conspired to replace your memory?

How do you know who you are without the memory of yesterdays? We accept who we are because of the memories of complex consequences of life.

Aren't we are just the way we were taught? Why Newton had to be supplemented by Einstein? and Einstein only to be supplemented by someone again..

Science.. the paradox of science is that it has to be testable, verifiable, if not, it is not science.
And if it's not science, it looses its stand among great thinkers. Great thinker's mistakes are that they are only great within their world.

The world is comprised of infinite number of spaces and dimensions,,,

Let our consciousness take its proper course.

cuz it's what it all matters in the end.

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