Inappropriate Jokes That I Thought Were Funny

Posted by Tuesday on May 30, 2005 at 10:54:34:

Renting a Car

While doing the 'walk around', the rental agent and I stopped at the trunk. There were vertical scratch marks on the fender, leading into the trunk.
"Looks like someone loaded a body without taking off the belt - amateur."
The agent almost glanced over, but quickly averted his gaze and moved around to the side of the car.

Buying a Mother's Day Carnation

A white carnation on Mother's Day honors a mother who has passed away. Pink means she is still alive. My grandmother is passed. I wanted a white carnation for my mother, to honor her mother. The floral shop could not find white. The closest, was a white with a touch of pink at the tips of the petals.
"What would the pink be? Would that mean her mother still comes back to haunt her?"
The sales woman stared at me, with eyes begging she not have to respond.

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