"Monet's Monique"

Posted by Cheryl Jagielnik on January 08, 2005 at 08:27:01:

"Monet's Monique"

I gaze upon a butterfly that has made her way upon my deck this AM. She shares my coffee with me. It is just "us girls" this morning.
She is ever so intriguing to me as I watch her. I am held a prisoner to her magnificent beauty. Her creation is fascinating to me. She is delicate.
Her coat of color is that right out of a Monet canvas. I name her
"Monique" as this name seems to compliment her beauty. She stays for a while and lets me take her in, ever so fully and completely.
It is almost as if she too enjoys my company this morning.

If I could be a butterfly, I would be bright yellow in my
color, with pretty black eyes and long eyelashes. I would soar ever
so graciously through the air and land on only the prettiest of those flowers that crosses my path. To be a butterfly, even if only for one day, would be such a treat!

I think mankind takes for granted all of the things that God has created. What a true master he was and still is! So today, it is just a butterfly that has made the pages of my journal, but I am sure that something new will catch my eyes tomorrow and I will be just as impressed with that vision as I was with Monique. I wish her safe travels and I hope that the next person who meets her will be just as impressed with her as I was.


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