Posted by Cheryl Jagielnik on January 08, 2005 at 07:59:56:


As I let my dog out this early morn to say her "hello" to Mother Nature, my eyes are drawn to the benches that adorn my deck. They are covered by the sprinkling of the morning's frost. Through my eyes, this frost appears as a blanket of white diamonds that glisten via the sun's rays that touches down upon them. This frost as only "Jack" the master can create, is pretty to my eyes. It's glistening affect seems to add a warmth to these cold, still, wooden benches. My trio of pumpkins sit huddled ever so closely. It is as though they are keeping each other warm on this crisp Fall morning. They are wearing hats of crystals that Jack has placed upon their heads. Autumn is starting to pack it's bags and will soon bid her farewell to me. It's "special room at my Inn" will soon be occupied by a new tentant......Winter. And Winter will treat me to a new array of splendor. And I will soon have new visions to be seen as only through my eyes and new writings that will come forth from my pen. It was fun to have hung around with "Jack" this morn.....


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