"The Dance"

Posted by Cheryl Jagielnik on January 08, 2005 at 07:28:07:

The Dance

Awoken from my slumber, it is a new day and a beautiful one at that. It is somewhere around 7:30 AM, and it is just wonderful at that . As I wait for my coffee to soon accompany me, I gaze outside to see a winter wonderland before my eyes. It has started to snow. The snowflakes seem too glide in ever so gently. These snowflakes are dancing this morning.. What starts out as a lover's waltz quickly transforms into a fast and fiery tango! Their movement now is swift and full of vigor and they seem to be running into each other as they race through the air. They seem to flirt with each other as young lovers do. This flurry of activity lasts for only a short time and then they are back to a waltz with their partners. I have put on some Pat Metheny ("Are You Going With Me?") and this song seems to capture the waltz and the tengo all at the same time. I sit here and watch this dance before my eyes and I am their audience. I am transcended by this.

If I was a snowflake, how would I be, what would I look like?, and more importantly, what dance would I dance?


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