The Irony of Images: Illusion Imprisoned

Posted by tejster on October 28, 2004 at 14:01:19:

The giant Ferris wheel, visible from anywhere in the carnival, is teeming with lovers hoping kiss romantically at the top of the wheel. Columbus monkeys perched atop parading elephants draw pointed fingers and curious laughs. People crowd around the caged Siberian tiger, provoking her, trying to make her roar. Girls gather around the bangle-maker’s stall, chattering and giggling loudly. The locus of the crowd is at the amphitheatre, which is haunted by the pounding drums and loud music. The lights burn bright and focus on the creatures parading in front of the audience, often met with wonder and fear. The insolent crowd throws cigarette butts and foul names at the assortment of human oddities parading around. The air, rife with sweat, smells tense, created by the crowd wondering what the next fantastic sight would be.
Seeing him for the first time would leave anyone speechless. He is certainly worth every penny paid for the sideshow that features him. This fascinating ‘creature’ is huge, for his intimidating size silences the crowd. His smooth mulatto skin glistens under the bright lights. His bare body, covered with nothing else but a scanty loin-cloth, makes his enormous muscles look even bigger. His loud laugh, as he twists his bald head from side to side, makes hearts beat a little faster. As he comes closer, it becomes apparent why so many people gather here. Bright tattoos shimmer on his body. Flames of fire rise from his face and flames of fiery orange and red rage from his arms. A bright blue and white depiction of the famed Last Supper stretches out across his chest. Bright pictures of Adam and Eve dance as his body twists and little imps frolic in joy. Even closer, his laughter begins to seem hollow, fictitious, as if aware of his grotesque self, yet confident that he is entertaining the masses. The nervous look in his eyes tells a different story to the laugh he forces out.
He notices her from the corner of his eye as he enters the stage. Her dark brown hair is pulled up by a crimson hair-band with a few loose tendrils curling around her face. The black off-shoulder dress on her petite frame makes her look vulnerable. Her teeth sparkle against her beautiful dark skin as she laughs freely. Her calm and serene demeanor sharply contrasts with the uncouth, sneering crowd. She looks happy - as if immune from the viciousness of this world. The gaze of her glinting eyes try to fathom this image in front of her. Her eyebrows are high and her dark eyes open wide. Their eyes meet.

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