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Posted by kaubin on May 10, 2004 at 12:13:51:

The Universal Question - Tachibana Ukyo 6/01/98
I Want To Write - Katherine J. 10/13/98

Posted by Katherine J. on October 13, 1998 at 11:14:40:
Posted by Tachibana Ukyo on June 01, 1998 at 20:48:09:

The internet machine is like postage stamp. The stamp is there for a reason. It makes things go.

As we learn, I have found questions about what we are studying will surface. Then, when we write something, answers come out along with more questions. Our journey continues but only because we have had the opportunity to interact in some manner.

I want to write and have found the answer to a universal question but in doing so found ten more questions. What ever happened to Katherine J? Did she go on to write and fulfill her desires? What about Tachibana Ukyo did he find his answers? Or was his article more about expressing his beliefs? Both articles got me thinking. Thinking and writing and asking more questions.

Like the blinking cursor in Kate’s article her work brought me closer to another person on this earth because I have felt what she was expressing. I have been there and can only say “Go girl, your right, yes, you can.

My believes are simplistic. For me, simplistic is best for questions like the ones Tachibana asked for they are difficult ones to find. I think we exist for a reason. You didn’t just happen to be without a reason. Like an article that came from a place and is going somewhere, our existence is a creation. We are like a mirror, like an article is a mirror to our thoughts and feelings.

What will happen to these writers and their articles? Where will they go? Why did I read them? I read them because they were of interest to me. I want to read more, to learn, to ask, to find the answers and to ask more questions but time is a limitation and makes me bookmark my search.

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