Run for Your Money

Posted by John O'Connor aka Overload on June 03, 2003 at 09:07:21:

One thing about Venice Beach in the morning is that it is always cool, and when the sun is out it is perfect for sitting outside the coffee shops and soaking in the rays and enjoying the spectacular view of different people that come from every walk of life.
I'm sitting at my usual spot having my cup of brew and reading the morning paper trying to fit in with the rest of the out of work actors, business men,and local "Who does Who" of Venice, Ca. when I look up and there she was across the street!
My gosh! She hasn't aged at all, I mean she looked fantastic! The last time I saw her was about 15 no 17 years ago,and to be honest about it, I had to walk away from the relationship. Would you look at her. She is drop dead gorgeous! Oh my! She has my favorite color on, blue...
I'll never forget the first time I laid eye's on her. Right then and there I knew that I had to have her. I took her out just to see compatible we would be together. I took her home that night and I'll tell you this that when I went to sleep you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Things went well for the first 2 or 3 months, but then something started to change.It was subtle at first, you know little things, nickle and dime stuff. Her demands on me seem to increase as time went on, and I like a fool I did everthing to keep her going. Hey listen! I'm not perfect, I was way out of my league! What a body, she had the curves in all the right places. If looks could kill, she would be on the 10 most wanted list. To let you in on a little secret. To be inside her was to feel every part of her soul. She could purr like a kitten and in the next minute turn on a dime and roar like a lion. Man! What power she had over me. It was like I always had to fight for control.
She had the ability to make heads turn, and was stared at everywhere we went. I didn't mind really, but I've been known to go off on anybody would touch her. She was mine and I would do whatever it took to keep her. Well it happened! One day I lost my job and the money wasn't coming in and all hell broke loose. Everywhere I turned she was needing something, She was a premium lady, no regular diet for her! No sir! Only the best! I couldn't afford to keep her up anymore. I believe it was the sadest day of my life when I gave her up. Well I can't blame her she is what she is and I could not nor would I want to change her. Boy she sure looks good! Hey! Who is that old geeser with her? He has his hand on her rear end? I notice that he is caressing her like I use too. Should I go over there and introduce myself?
After all we both have a lot in common. I wonder if she still demands a lot from her man. He is so old? How can he keep uo with her? Look at him for crying out loud. He is smiling from ear to ear just like I us to do...
Ther leaving? Would you look at that! He took off like a bat out of Hell! I can't believe it! I'm across the street and I can smell her scent. Why I'm I shaking. That old rush has overwelmed me. Well I'm out of coffee and it is time to go.
Boy I sure miss that "1963 Split Window Corvette Coupe?"

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