"Make No Misteak"

Posted by John OConnor aka Overload on May 26, 2003 at 21:27:44:

I tend to get upset when things don't quite go the way
that I would want them to go. After all! Shouldn't I be
able to control everything that happens to me? I don't like
to be ignored. What I say should count for something, don't you
If I was to bring a steak to a barbeque party don't I have
the right to tell whoever is cooking that steak to make it the way
that I want?
If I was to ask the cook to make it rare, why on earth
should it be given to me well done? Can't people just
follow simple instructions? Is it that difficult to listen
to direction? I know that I do not want to hear myself
talk, but there are times that I believe that I'm the only
one that listens.
Am I upset? You bet I am. After all, I have $9.27 invested
in that steak and now it sits on my plate ruined. Oh sure
if I wanted to have the steak done medium well and it was
served to me rare I could just have sent it back to be
cooked to a medium well. No harm, no foul. But it is cooked
to an unedible consistentcy.
You know that it really is the principle here that counts.
These are our friends I know, but for crying out loud doesn't
it matter that this steak was cooked to a cinder and that to
eat it would be like licking an ash tray? Have we gotten to
the point in civilization that what a man has to say isn't as
important as how it is said? Was I that rude to insist my steak
be cooked to a rare perfection?
Who the Hell! does he think he is anyway? I have had it up to
here with people like him that think that just because "They"
have control of the "fires" in life that "They" can dictate to us
what "They" think we should have, What "They" think we should do,
like "They" know better than we do what is good for us. The nerve
of that Liberal, Communist card carring, A.C.L.U, Tree hugging piece
of Crap! Thats it! I'm going to take this Steak over to him and tell
him to shove it up his Perverbial "Black hole."
Wait a minute?
What am I thinking?
This is a Sirloin?
I brought him a Rib eye?
Am I bad!!!

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