Farther than underwater

Posted by larry cadwell on December 07, 2001 at 03:20:46:

All in all this travel through lifes majestical ups and downs I will be the first to admit, What an impressive aray of power accompanied along with wisdom in the learning of ones own natural forces.
Think about it. We are more powerful than the fiercest storm.
Extremely ahead of ageing within its own time.
I as an individual consider this none the less.Never shall anything stand, Fall even crumble my way if consisting of negitivity.
Forget light speed .I'll be there before you.
Slowly slowing to cruise control,
Rid the eyes from their sleep.
Awake you stay waiting to play your decision to do how now twas very wise.... To be continued....
For you I leave this. A wonderful night has been offered so please as you dream,
Dream of me..

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