Posted by larry on November 17, 2001 at 04:23:40:

Fastest forget light speed.I will be there before you!.
Slowing To cruise control,Rid the eyes of thier sleep.
A lesson in flying this is.SO,Please
get in, sit down ,Shut up and quit your crying.
Now see all this wasn't so hard,Now was it?.
As if you travel in the slower lane I do have this one demand.
Move over letting me pass,Because your decision to do ,how now was very
As I wave my writing hand in say to all a great night.Remember that today,Right now we pride over our proudness as you all are great birds in flight.
So for now as this hand gets to tired ,I ask of this crowd of readers and believers A nice faarewell as in our next time we may meet,,
Just consider that this poet will be in retire...

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