15 of powerfull

Posted by larry on November 17, 2001 at 03:44:24:

All for a fifteen year old girl.Lost,Or shall I speak of the truth as to admit her a runaway?.Having the first impression in total control over the sent of weakness. Fooled as to believe her in age,Background,Egducation(s),etc..., this strong and powerful young lady stood to lifes' tricks with nothing of shame ,In her crystal style eyes shined pursuasion,intimidation.Both are able to compliment each other better than thier powers allow them.
AS tall & mature as our young woman born throughout the 80's,I speak no lies as to have described a never before seen exposuer of a lost and lonely child whome, mind you, never felt love in a hearts time.
Beaten,molested,and tortured with the worst of a verbal like torture,.
Inside the majestic body in what might be an angel playing hooky,Is nothing except a dark sadistic place as of space with nothing to show or shine for my beauty stills in time and moment.
There is a moral in my story.
"Those who assume and judge another without the proper knoweledge;
Shall enjoy this life of a present time now.
"As when death approaches thier soul asking for that final slow dance,Will every one of them fall as to trip on thier own two feet."
I say it proud when,'I talk to all those beneath me in some way or another."

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