Posted by charles larkin on October 08, 2001 at 04:08:24:

i'm all alone, yet i'm surrounded with people. i hear only silence while they make a lot of noise. But who is more fortunate - me or those people who can see or hear?
I onced cursed my fate to be in total darkness and silence. Now i do so no more. I've come to realize that i am better off without seeing - the indignities people do to other people (this makes me ashamed that i am called MAN).
I am better of without hearing - the screams and cries, the anger and hate.
Now, I take each day as it comes. Rejoicing in the smell of the flowers opening their petals; the icy flow of the water through the stream; the sweet and buttery taste of pancakes for breakfast and the joy of reading the stories from my fingertips.

I live such until God decides to take me home to see and hear again

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