the librarian

Posted by deerdree and marieanne on December 11, 2000 at 06:43:55:

she sits in the library, guarding her books, eating her banana,reading her danielle steel, wearing her various shades of pastels with her flat white shoes, dreaming she could be somewhere else. SHUT UP she roars at the girls studying YOUVE GOT EXAMS TO PASS. DO YOU THINK THIS IS A TRAIN STATION she yelled at some girls passing through, escaping to the internet. oh fuck thought marieanne, here she goes again. come on deerdree she said lets head. OK said deerdree good plan.
they left the library and skipped down the hall, thanking their lucky stars that they wouldnt end up like the librarian, god love her, she always wanted to be a bloody librarian.
oh but they were so wrong, the librarian had once dreamed of being a quantum physicist like they did, or a doctor, or even a dentist, but this was her life and that was that.

so back to the danielle steel she thought.

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