Posted by Chase Thibodeaux on October 04, 2000 at 20:28:19:

How ominous the sight of that tree was in youth. Holding all the majesty of the world in its broad branches and wide base with branches sprawling out in a hundred different directions. My Dad tied up a swing about forty feet long to a limb which seemed impossibly high at the time. My friends and cousins thought of countless games to play on that simple swing. Games of tag, contest to swing the highest, and trying to pick up as many sticks and things while you were doing all that. Those days are what I look back on as the "olden days". Everyone has or should have there one thing from childhood or whenever that takes them back. It's good to remember because it is our memory that makes us human, not what we know or the size of the engine in our truck. For me, when I'm an old man I'll look back and I'll remember all the good times, all the parties, all the girlfriends and a long list of mistakes. The "me" of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be long gone. Lines of age will transverse my face, losing my remaining hair with vital bodily systems failing I didn't know existed. I will always have those wonderful memories to look back on. Time can not take that away. At my deathbed,if I'm fortunate enough to have one, with loved ones around me I will be comforted by the memories and ready for death. The family I leave behind will have memories of their own. We live in memories and live on in memories. For me, there will always be the tree, a symbol of life, youth, love, and my life forever.

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