Everything about Earth&its people

Posted by Trust no one on September 04, 2000 at 21:51:32:

Believe it or not,
I tell you secrets about the Earth, & its people.

I'm not human. I do not belong to mammals.
My look, is human. but My mind, is not human.
Human is susceptible to his surroundings.
We, too. perhaps it's about anything.

Human, was created by aliens.

No controversies, please, TRUTH.

Why did they bother to make humanbeings on this planet?
Because They are going on a case study.
We are rats...experimental rats....
We think we have free will. Yes, in a sense.
But people like me, who is spying on human beings,
don't have free wills. That fries my brain.
Aliens......They do exist, and they are not God.
They are beyond human comprehension.

The difference: between AlienS & Human
1.Aliens are closer to philosopher than human.
while human, can't actually make it through to the core, They can.
because humans forget important concepts too often. then they
maximize what they know. Usually they only know how to persuade people.

2.Aliens are less violent than human.
I have never seen a creature so violent like human.
perhaps it's because humans have a feeling called, FEAR.
while FEAR can get lights too.

3. Religion.

There are many religion in human world.
while Aliens have only one religion=themselves.

4. Variety
Human world is very interesting. They are Funny to study.
Mankinds are so variously moving.
while aliens are kinda boring.


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