Paddy O' Furniture

Posted by Millsohdog on August 08, 2000 at 13:31:12:

He came into this world, wrapped in cellophane and constricted by cardboard walls. The family crowded around him, welcoming him, and his fresh, summery impact.
He was the novelty of the Summer, he was the special guest at every barbeque, picnic and casual summer luncheons.
The children loved him for his welcoming lap, and unblemished disposition.
As the summer months passed , he became a familar sight to the family, inviting and useful.
However, as with all summer loves, he was gradually forgotten. He found that he was more and more being left out in the cold, and few people ever vistied him; except to wipe the bird shit off his back and arms.
He is old and decrepit now; lying in wait for the summer to return once again, and with it, the promise of another soft bottom.

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