Posted by anon e. mouse on August 31, 1998 at 00:52:00:

sometimes i hear voices in my head. they talk to me, tell me things to say, things to do. not bad things, just things.
things like

'the last place i saw it was on the floor in the kitchen'
'no, get the masking tape, you can write on that'
'the only thing that keeps me from hitting any car in front of me at a light is just this little pedal, if i lift my foot up just a tiny bit....' - things like that.

and other times, when someone talks to me i can hear a nyah, nyah, nyah, while they are talking, especially if they are saying things i don't care about hearing. sometimes while the voices are chanting nyah, nyah, nyah, in my head, the person will turn around and look at me with a real strange look on their face. then i realize, i'm not listening to the voices anymore, i'm saying 'nyah, nyah, nyah,' out loud.

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