The Cookiemen are harmless.....well, aren't they?

Posted by Second Byte on June 30, 1998 at 19:31:45:

I was at a turning light waiting to turn into a computer store, when I looked over and saw one.
A Cookieman. As he approached a young man getting out of his car, I could just imagine the
conversation,"Excuse me sir, would you accept my well-intended intrusion?" I saw the young
man nod.

Dang, he OK'd it.

I watched as he pointed in the direction he had come, and then proceeded to tell the Cookieman
where he was headed when he left the computer store.

It made me think about this system that has been going on for awhile now. Seemed simple
enough. You go out buy a car which is equiped with a chip that will display your incoming
and outgoing routes to whatever place you visit that have Cookiemen. Not all places do, thank

There are some places that will purge your address from the data bank in your cars chip. They
can know what kind of car you have, the model, engine size and make. That's a given, but it's
done without the Cookiemen. Ofcourse it's insane to see people bitch and complain about getting
junk mail or solicitations by phone, when they (the majority) are the ones that let this 'harmless
gathering of info' start in the first place.

There are some people who buy cars that simply put out the data as they pull into a parking
lot. They don't really seem to care that they are being 'tracked'. They never have to see or
speak to the Cookiemen.

Me? I think it's an invasion of privacy, which is why my car is changed from the default of
'OK' to give information, to 'ASK FIRST'. I could get a newer car that simply denies the
information to be sent out, but I like the car I have for now.

The Cookiemen don't ask your name or phone number, which is why I suppose people accept it
without concern, They do store their own information in your cars databank so they can track
your return visits. They also 'share' your information with other venues. Places you've never
even visited, yet if you do,they will already have information on you. The Cookiemen collect
the data to help marketing in deciding what sells, what stores are best,if their advertising
got you to their store or place of business. Things like that. A few places you visit will not
allow you to enter without the information. You can deny access and enter but you are sure to
have a car malfuction in one way or the other, so it's just best to move on from those places.

Some Cookiemen gather information for entertainment purposes. I have accepted this type
once. I pulled into an Arcade to play some games and was approached by several Cookiemen,
all wanting to store info on my cars chip so that I could 'enjoy' the game. Naturally, the
game would not run without doing so. What they didnt know, was that I have my data file set
to "read only" therefore the data deletes itself whenever I restart my car.

The light changed and I pulled into the computer stores lot. Two Cookiemen approached me as
I got out of my car. I threw my hand up, waved it at them and said, CANCEL CANCEL.

Cookiemen... just for a damn new ink cartridge. Sure, they're harmless alright.

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