those old songs

Posted by Invisible Man on February 21, 2000 at 01:48:30:

Those old songs make everything just fine. They tickle your spirit. The feeling they bring is indescribable, but you know it all too well. They bring the scent of paradise; the one you longed for since you were small. The place you dreamed of and believed in, but have drowned out with your adult mentality.
When all you want is that what you can't have. It hurts inside.
When all you should want is not what's in your heart. It hurts inside.
When it appears that your worst nightmare could possible become a reality and bring along his older meaner brother. It hurts inside. When you have let down everyone that wanted you to make them proud, including yourself. It hurts inside. When you realize that you have to go on, long after you can't. It hurts inside. When your own mother doesn’t remember your birthday. It hurts inside. When you remember something that happened long ago, and think of how many more things you did and can't remember. It hurts inside. When the least of your friends is the worst of your enemies. It hurts inside. When your own shadow shakes his head at you in disapproval. It hurts inside. But when the old songs begin to play, then for a little while, just a little while, everything is just fine.

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