Now they see us

Posted by A female on February 05, 2000 at 20:25:52:

We are now in a world that has changed in so many diffrent ways. If we

look back, we will see a world that was mostly "empty" yet I am so intrigued

on how things were. The life one leaded, the voices that were not heard,

the "rules" that We had to follow, god forbid we did not obey them.

We could only listen and maybe, just maybe we would be given the

oportunity to speak our mind. We were property to many. Left in our homes

to look after HiS belongings, I say HIS because once He would decide to

Marry somone else We had nothing. We were mothers and took our role in

motherhood sacred. Giving birth to children of the future in hopes they will

be the generation that will save the "empty world". And so they have. Our

world is not empty anymore. We are being heard. We are not prisoned in

our homes. We fight for what is right and wrong. Our world was empty with

out us. Now they see us.

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