The Longing......

Posted by Lance on January 27, 2000 at 00:04:57:

I often dream of a face so sweet and yet so innocent.
A beautiful face by my side.
There are a few untouchables which seems eternity to find but yet so close to my inner circle.
You're self-inflictions keeps us a star system apart.
A black hole filled with unknown uncertainties, what keeps you from me?
I often ask. Is it my blindness of what love should be? Is it because you know that my heart is as infinite as the Universe?
Should I seek further into the horizon for a more gentle face with heart of gold to overlook my darkness?
Should I wait for maturity to engulf us both as time passes?
Perhaps, I am awaiting for a face that I will never see in this world.
As I reconcile with my past, I am now finding my way to my own confidence and your face becomes as clear as my own reflection.

Written by,

Sir Lancelot

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