You have a password which is.........

Posted by Jerry in Chicago on January 23, 2000 at 09:46:19:

You have entered a password which is too long.

And in appropriate. Getting in touch with someone is nice. Especially when he or she is nice to be with or to talk with.

Itsn't it better that getting in touch with yourself is far better than yourself. Can't find yourself? I knew something was very wrong when I realized
I was not on my way. I was supposed to become more diligent as I am now. to accomplish my old-dreamt thing.It is not nice to be with someone because he or she
will get you in trouble someday. You discover that some people doesn't consider other's feelings or care about.And, I discover, that I don't consider or care about
my self neither. hmm.... It seems I consider about myself but in reality, it's not. The result doesn't seem to support the idea that I've been thinking enough of me. The
real me. Close to the spirit and its future.

smile boy. Smiling will make you happy. To forget about things you don't like to remember.

Then you might be losing the game. And you never know that you actually lost.

Win and lost............

Which one do ya want?

win? think about losing.

lost? think about winning

Isn't it nice to lose a game sometimes in purpose? To get you a special experience of overcoming failure pain.

Lover man.

I am lover man. I am in love. I don't know who is. Getting in touch with her must be nice. But, I'ven't experienced that yet.

May be some......time later I could. My ugly hope.



which I have never known.

you have entered a password which is too long.

try again.

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