Dog-O-matic Dictionary

alternative :
1) whatever is popular with the general population.

anarchy :
1) the blind following the blind.

angst :
1) finding out that really cute girl in class likes someone else.

animal rights :
(as listed in the animal manifesto) 1) the right to kill other animals,
2) the right to eat our young.

atheism :
1) rebellion against mommy and/or daddy's religion.

bash :
1) to say something that's true, to someone who doesn't want to admit it's true.
2) To disagree with an insecure person.

blackpager :
1) people who believe they are cool, so they make their pages with black backgrounds as no colour could truly grasp the layers of their coolness.
2) people with lame pages.

censorship and the net :
1) something it's really cool to say you're against,
2) something people pretend might effect them and their bland pages.

cyberculture :
1) an oxymoron.

dragons :
1) the name of a mythical beast 14 year old's pick as part of their user i.d.

goths :
1) spooky nerds.

grrrls :
1) tiny feminists.

Kwanzaa :
1) a holiday invented for blacks in America because Santa is just too white.

paganism :
1) we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, then we eat the seed.

satan worshipper :
1) someone with a good sense of humor,
2) someone who wants attention.

straight-edge :
1) the girl scouts and boy scouts of the 90's.

Suck :
1) an online magazine;
(suckle : to nurse off the opinions in 'Suck');
[sucker : any of the legions with opinions based on 'Suck'].

vampyre :
1) someone who wants to be different, but doesn't want the commitment or mental challenge of being a serial killer.

vegans :
1) people who love animals, but eat all their food.

web-rat :
1) people who validate themselves through others webpages,
2) anyone who uses WebTV or AOL out of choice rather than neccessity.

witch :
1) a romantic who wants to be different, but also feels the need to justify their paranoia that people don't like them.

womyn :
1) females who feel threatened by masculinity.

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