T H E   B I G   T O P


       Step right up folks!

Buy your modems here...we got your 28,33,56 bauds...tell me what you got, and we'll work out a deal! Any modem will get you into the cyber-show!
Come see the main attraction, the freaks, the animals...you name it we got it! Hook right up and start with a search engine that will guide you to the attractions you desire....look, listen and sense the attractions. You'll never want to leave. After you've had a fill of the tons of fun, traveling the pages of sight sound and thought..hook yourself up for some realtime interaction with others! Thats in the IRC tent..


Join in with the freaks, the hacks, the rare intellect, have a trendy cyber-piercing, get a tattoo, dont worry it isnt permanent!! Be a cyber-punk for the night! Let out your alter-ego and have some outrageous fun!
Find a mate, join a cult, discuss the meaning of felt! Seek others just like you! If you start getting hungry, have some spam, we have an ENDLESS supply!!
Enjoy all you can eat! Eat a little, eat alot, have it served over a FLAME!!

You worn out yet?


Join the tent of messages! Peruse the many, many, endless number of newgroups ...find your interests, get out the chalk and make some replies and new posts on the board!! You get instant gratification, knowing you have been HEARD!!

Getting tired of being in one tent?

Telnet over here for GAMES!!

Yes! Play games with others who have telnetted without falling!
Shoot, kill and maim your enemies, friends and family!! Tons of games to choose from! This one will be around for a long while folks!! Get in now while there's room!! If that's too real for ya, join over there and be whomever your heart desires!! Be a fair maiden, a valiant prince..in our RPG's!! You'll be admired by your pals!! You'll be grand!!
You'll never want to leave the game!!

So come on over, buy it, hook it up, dial it, and anticipate as you hear the squawking, squealing, screaming modem sounding of The Greatest Cyber-Show on Earth!!


       Step right up folks!

Buy you modems here......

© R.Lore

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